Drilling Accessories

Drilling Accessories

Auxiliary drilling equipment, or in general accessories are provided by AITC. We source these accessories from manufacturers that are using high quality raw material and advanced technology in order to meet the needs of customers. The goal here is to provide practical, affordable and easy way to customers’ needs.

AITC also import water swivel, hoisting plug, fishing tools, adapters, foot clamps, core trays and many more auxiliary equipment as well as supplies wireline rope, Ridged pipe wrenches, inner and outer tube wrenches. AITC has no stock problems of spare parts and repair kits so that it always stands by and support its customers.

Core Tray

Core tray uses highly UV stabilized polypropylene leading to excellent long lasting efficiency which is proven in fields since 2000. Core tray has a resistance of 2,5 years against the sunbeam.

Each core tray is given with a lid and 5 pieces of separators where separators can be easily labeled with a marker.

Easy to carry. Core trays and lids can be easily fit to each other. Beside this, core tray can be stocked and packed easily for transportation.

BWL CORE TRAY SET- 6 36.5 5 X 34 X 106
NWL CORE TRAY SET- 6 47.6 6 X 34 X 106
HWL CORE TRAY SET- 4 63.5 8x34x106
PWL CORE TRAY SET- 3 85 10 X 34 X 106

BWL CORE TRAY SET- 35 X 75 X 110 35 52
NWL CORE TRAY SET- 35 X 80 X 110 25 40
HWL CORE TRAY SET- 35 X 85 X 110 25 40
PWL CORE TRAY SET- 35 X 85 X 110 20 45
CORE TRAY LID 35 X 40 X 110 25 29

Auxilary Equipment

Auxiliary drilling equipment can be specified as water swivels, hoisting plugs, adapters, fishing tools, foot clamps, loading chambers, casing cutters and so on. All of them are sourced by AITC from suppliers that use high technology CNC machines and the best raw material in the market. Apart from these products, AITC supplies pipe wrenches and inner outer tube wrenches of core barrel. As well as its quality, AITC always stands by its customers with fair prices and early delivery times.