Diamond Drilling Equipment


For Drillers who Demand the Best

EHWA Diamond Industrial Co. Ltd and General Tool have developed a family of Drilling Tools to achieve maximum performance for all drilling applications .

    These tools include

  • Impregnated core bits
  • Reaming shells
  • Casing shoes
  • Thin wall core bits
  • Diamond blades for cutting core samples


EHWA offers two grades of bits for all drilling applications. Each bit has a standard diamond depth of 13mm, controlled distribution of diamond, a pre - conditioned matrix for reduced break - in time, advanced engineered waterways for enhanced flow, and precise placement of natural diamonds, TC pads, and TSP diamond for ID and

  • Explorer Series

    The Explorer Series of Impregnated Core Bits is a unique blend of components and ultra high quality diamonds designed for the most demanding drilling applications. Each core bit is manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure consistency and repeatability. The Explorer Series provides a variety of matrices for all rock formations.

  • Geo - Pro Series

    The Geo - Pro Series of Impregnated Core Bits is manufactured with the same precise high quality standards as the Explorer Series. These bits were developed for the Drilling Contractor that demands consistency of product and performance under the severest ground conditions. Available in four (4) distinct series.

Pie Type

• Other crown profiles available upon request.

• All crown profiles available for both Explorer and Geo - Pro Series